Greetings everyone! I thought I should introduce myself before dropping this announcement, so here goes. I'm KnightDev. I'm known for my work on KnightFall AntiCheat, and I bring about two years of Java, Artificial Intelligence, and UI/UX Experience to the Serenity Development Team. My announcement today is related exactly to that.

Serenity has gone without a good AntiCheat for a long time. Our system for managing cheaters was through player reports in-game and the occasional ban report on the forums. While moderately effective, there are more critical solutions that I am able to bring to the table. I'd like to introduce to you, my friends, sAC Alpha.

Now, how is sAC going to work, you might ask? As soon as I am content with the version I'm currently working on, it will be deployed to Serenity. Initially it will be based off of a staff-notification system, and a logging system. This is, granted, a limited form of Machine Learning. Over time, information about your combat and movement will be stored by the plugin. Any time a player reports you, we will query those logs and see information about combat, accuracy, movement, interaction, and many more things I can't reveal currently. If the logs are able to provide sufficient evidence to warrant a punishment, a staff member will administer a ban with the tag "sAC Assist" at the end of the ban reason. Bans labeled as such will be significantly harder to appeal.

Over time, sAC will be rolling out in phases, and we will inevitably introduce automatic punishments once all checks have optimal accuracy. Until then, staff retain full discretion whether to punish certain flags or to wait for higher violation levels.

So as you know, I've been working with the release of the new training Season.

I want some feedback from the community, therefore I want you guys to guess.

What's going to be added to S2 in your opinion?

I've already planned out how it's coded, and I'm going to say it'll be finished soon.

Before we finish it completely, we need to ask you guys, do you want anything added to S2?

Is there anything at all which could possibly make this a much better server for you?
It's been quite a busy month for all of us, with most of you returning to school and the network growing at an amazing rate, our development team has been extremely busy planning new servers and updates so let's get into it.

  • FFA
  • UHC V2 [Beta]
  • Hub V2 [Beta]
  • Training Season 2 [Pre-Alpha stages]
  • Hub V3 [Gadgets]
  • Leaderboards [Alpha]
  • NA Server ;)
  • Clans
  • Secret gamemode ;) ;)

As always we are still searching to expand our dev team: so if you want to be part of a fast paced and growing network, apply now!
Hey all, just a quick thread to keep everyone notified about the Network, and the current updates which will be pushed out in sometime within the next month, oh boy is September going to be a busy month.

So, I'll be doing it in calendar order; which can be seen below.

This Friday [2nd September]- We'll be releasing FFA to the public once again, all should now be fixed and we've added the features which you requested!

The following Friday [9th September]- UHC 2.0 should be out, it's already being tested by the staff team but still needs a bit of work. We've got some highly requested things added to it (seen in the spoilers below!) - Hopefully

Either the 16th/23rd- Training 2.0 should be released, with lots of new requested features! Things such as BuildUHC, MLG 1v1's [Unranked], etc. - This could be delayed though depending on how the Development team goes.

Anti-Cheat- We have now deployed KoalaCheat onto Training for BETA testing, and we're 99% sure it should not get any false bans. Anyone who lies in their appeals if they were banned for KoalaCheat, and an admin checks there logs and they were in fact cheating, they'll be IP banned for wasting the administration team's time.

That's about it for now! We'll keep you updated for more!

-Thanks for reading, ~The administration team.
We've had many problems recently with many players/servers causing drama with the servers, and owners.

Therefore, it's with much annoyance which I create this thread after discussing it with the other admins, after it being proposed by them.

There is going to be a new list, of "Blacklisted Players/Servers" where players and/or servers who have caused a mass amount of drama and annoyance towards the server will be explained along with the consequences with being associated with one of them.

If you are seen to be in contact or associated you may suffer from these consequences.

- IP ban from the network
- Added to the blacklisted players list
- Removal of any kind of rank you may hold (Moderator / Advertiser)
- Special ranks will be stripped

We have evidence of every single blacklisted player/server with evidence of them causing drama.

Below here are all the current blacklisted Servers.

Venix Network:
- Purposely causing drama to gain followers
- Accusing SerenityV2 of copying their release date
- Using staff members to snipe Serenity only conversations
- FFA an exact replica of Serenity's V2 FFA
- Code originally used for Serenity was used from them (Screenshare TS lead to Serenity's TS)

- Creating Unnecessary Drama on Twitter
- Staff all IP Banned on Serenity
- Admins calling the Server Shit
- SereniGay

- Stealing our original developers (TenHits) code
- Released owners/developers IP's (Bladian/Gregz_)
- Server is an exact copy of SerenityV1 (Stolen plugins)
- Uses plugins which were made exclusively from serenity
- Owner attempting to get Bladian DDOS'd

Below here are all the current blacklisted players.

- Threatened to DDOS one of the owners (Bladian)
- Threatened to take down the Serenity website
- Threatened to DDOS staff members
- Constant annoyance over the admin team
- Being a nuisance in game, causing drama, and expected to be treated above the rules
As you all know, we've been suffering from constant FPS drops in Training.

I'm offering a donator rank to whoever can figure out when and why this happens.

You are allowed to use X-Ray texture packs to look around you, (THIS MUST BE REMOVED DURING UHC'S).

You should duel your friends and see if arena's reset or something of the sort, and try and see when it happens and if it happens all the time.

Please update me in anyway, on this thread. Thank you!

Hello everyone!

As you all know we've been having many problems revolving around players hacking so I'm imposing one of the many ban system updates:

- Anti-Cheat
- Screen-Sharing
- Automatic IP Ban


As you know we've added screen sharing to help us catch hackers which may not be as obvious and may possibly even bypass, giving many advantages and disadvantages.


- We can catch any kind of not detectable hacked client
- We can go in much more detail and finding the causes of the bypass
- It stops a lot more hackers from gaining stats


- It's slow
- It can take waste time from both the player and the moderator
- If we're wrong, it could cause a bad reputation

However 95% of the SS's made by our moderators have been correct, which means it's been easier for us to get rid of people hacking, and making the system more friendly.

Therefore: Screen Sharing - Success


This is something I was initially against due to me being kind and believing in multiple chances.

This was a total failure, and after a lot of time Twist convinced me to make this change.

From now on, whenever you have 2 bans when one of the bans is active, you'll be automatically IP Banned, until you appeal.


- Players can't bypass and hack on thousands of accounts
- Will reduce the hacking community by a lot
- It stops a lot more hackers from gaining stats
- Staff will have an easier job, and have to worry less about those bastards coming back


- We have to deal with a lot more people spamming our appeals

Therefore: Automatic IP-Ban - Success

Hello everyone, I think I need people to understand that this is something serious and should not be taken lightly.

First of all what is account sharing:

- Account sharing is when you share accounts between other people, allowing them to use the account on the server, or you using their account on any server.

How can this cause problems?

Well the main problem is this, when you log into an account, it check if you have that IP associated with your account, and if it doesn't it'll save it to a database and remember it. We basically know every IP you've joined the server with, which makes it easier for us to find you.

Let's have 3 players, Bladian, Twist and Teaming.

Bladian is my account
Teaming is Teaming's account
Twist is a shared account between Teaming and I

Bladian gets banned for Kill Aura, and then hacks on Twist, and also get banned.

When you get banned more than twice, this results in an IP Ban, except when we IP ban we find all IP's associated with your account.

So what happens?

Well it will ban Bladian's IP, then it looks which accounts share Bladian's IP, and find that Twist also shares Bladian's IP, so then it looks into which IP's Twist has, it bans Twist's other IP which is Teaming's.


Bladian gets Banned
Twist gets Banned
Teaming get Banned

This means that even though Teaming is innocent, since he shared the account he gets IP banned due to it being connected.

The fix?

There is one simple fix to all of this:


Shared accounts cause problems most of the time, and can cause you to be IP Banned from the server.

If you trust the player then you sure go ahead and take the risk.

We will not unban you if you've been IP Banned due to a shared account, as it's your responsibility.
- Core mods such as PlayerAPI, Forge, Liteloader

Allowed mods:
  • PlayerAPI
  • Optifine
  • Forge
  • Liteloader
  • Shaders
  • Shinypots
  • Gammabright
  • Better Sprint
  • Toggle Sprint/Sneak
  • LabyMod (Ver 2.7+)
  • Kohi TcpNoDelay Forge Mod
  • Status Effects
  • Armor HUD
  • Direction HUD
  • 5Zig
  • UHC Essentials
  • OpenEye
  • EiraIRC
  • bUpload
  • Keystrokes
  • Batty's Coordinates
  • TabbyChat
  • Custom Cape mods
Disallowed mods:
  • Anything not listed above.
  • Mini-maps
  • Damage Indicators

If you'd like to see any other mods added to this list, shoot me a PM by clicking here.
Hey there! If you're reading this, I assume you're an aspiring developer who's looking to try something new... If that isn't the case then I guess you can stop reading. If you are what I hope you are here's what this thread is about:

Why are we hiring? Currently we have 2 developers, @Bladian and myself, needless to say we're on top of things but it becomes tedious being relied upon to do everything, with our upcoming plans to create new game modes we're going to need more developers to help us out! Now that you've read that I should make it clear that this is not a paid position.

You will not receive access to our plugins on the network unless absolutely necessary.

  • At least 1 year of experience within the Bukkit API
  • At least 3 months of experience with MySQL
  • Previous experience with growing networks
  • Ability to work well with others and to not cause pointless drama
  • Although deadlines are annoying and we don't really work to them ourselves, we do expect a plugin to be done by a certain time
  • Updating current plugins when required
Extra's (Not needed but helpful)
  • Experience with the BungeeCord API
  • Experience with GitHub

In comparison with other networks, our requirements are quite low and as soon as our player base becomes stable and we ourselves are financially stable we will look to start paying our developers.

If you meet the requirements and you are comfortable with the responsibilities that we give you, then please email me at "pvpownersmc(at)" following this format:

What is your full name? -
Skype -
Age -
How much time can you give to Serenity each week? -
What programming languages are you fluent in? -

Links to previous work

If you have a private GitHub repository that you wish for us to inspect then please add PVPOWNERS as a collaborator, once the code has been reviewed it will not be...